Eastern Delaware Nations, Inc.


MURAL - The Elan Kumankw (Pronounced EElan-Koomonqua) mural was created through a project of Eastern Delaware Nations. It was exhibited at the United Nations in New York City, at many colleges, universities, and other venues in northeastern United States. 

The first panel, called "The Creator's Dream," was designed by a twelve-year-old girl who involved other children in the painting. It features dream catchers and handprints of all the children who participated in the project. Each dream catcher features one of the four colors of the races of man. A child holds Earth Mother in a sacred way, with out-stretched arms, indicating the earth does not belongs to us, but to our children, who are our future. Surrounding the children are butterflies, a symbol of beauty, hopes and dreams. Totem of joy, the hummingbird, brings its blessing of happiness to the world. The revered eagle, messenger of prayer, flies off to the east carrying the prayers of the world to Creator.

Panels two and three illustrate our creation story. The second panel shows the creation of first woman, who came from the top of the tree of life. Notice heart-shaped leaves on the branches and the mark of duality across the trunk of the tree, the essence of masculine on the right in harmonious balance. Turtle holds the earth on his back, hence our name for this continent, "Turtle Island." A multitude of plant and animal life continually springs from fertile Mother Earth. A messenger of the Thunderbirds, redtail hawk, with wings held in a sacred way, is ready to receive and deliver blessings of Creator. Watching over the scene are representatives of Turtle, Turkey, and Wolf Clans.

Panel three shows the continuation of first man, who came from the Tree of Life. He is surrounded by the plant nations, four-leggeds, and other two-leggeds who shared Mother Earth's blessings with us.

"The Earth Mother," the fourth panel, shows where we come from and the sustaining gifts the Mother gives us, from nourishing sacred corn to all-essential water, which is the blood of the Earth Mother. Elements of earth, air, water, and fire are in balance with the colors of the four directions and their perspective teachings of illumination, healing, introspection, and wisdom.

All the races of man, red, yellow, black, and white, are children of the Earth. When we begin to separate ourselves by race, problems arise for this destroys balance. We are all children of the Earth Mother.

This fifth panel is called "Feast and Celebration." It depicts people dancing in thanks giving to Earth Mother for all she lovingly provides. We see the beauty of the Three Sisters: corn, beans, and squash. These three sacred plants were given to us by Creator and provided by Earth Mother. Carried high is a medicine staff, the wheel of which represents the Great Hoop of Life, made easier by help from the Four Directions which intersect it. The people also give thanks for the learning tool.

The final panel, called "The Spirit of the Elders," shows elders teaching children all aspects of life. The Spirit of the Ancestors is seen behind the children. Handprints of the elders and children continue from the first panel. When arranged in a circle the panels illustrate the Circle of Life, showing the unity and continuity of life and our teachings.